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Gear for Mazda Gears
Part No. Product Name No. of Teeth Models Net Weight Image Send Enquiry
3270415 Top Gear 19T/30T MAZDA T-3500 4.5 Kgs
Top Gear Small MAZDA T-3000
3270472 Counter Gear 35T-29T-20T MAZDA T-3500 14.2Kgs
3270916 O.D Gear Big 46T MAZDA T-3500 2.9Kgs
3270419 O.D Gear Small 42T-20T MAZDA T-3500 1.2Kgs
3270960 Main Shaft MAZDA T-3500 7.9Kgs
3270132 Clutch Inner Hub 42T MAZDA T-3500 1.0Kgs
3270769 Clutch Sleeve 42T MAZDA T-3500 0.8Kgs
17230 3rd Gear 42T-26T MAZDA T-3500 0.9Kgs
27110 CW/P (7X46T) MAZDA T-3500 9.4Kgs

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